Rorippa is a flowering plant genus in the family Brassicaceae, native to Europe through central Asia, Africa, and North America. Rorippa species are annual to perennial herbs, usually with yellow flowers and a peppery flavour.

They are known commonly as yellowcresses.

Rorippa formerly included several species of watercress, now placed in the genus Nasturtium. In particular, R. nasturtium-aquaticum (now N. officinale) and R. microphylla (now N. microphyllum) are often referred to as species of Rorippa.

Culinary use:
It is used in soups, sauces and salads.

Flavour :

Other names :
Ajave Seeds, Ajwain, Ajvain, Ajwan, Bishops Weed, Carom, Ethiopian Cumin, Omam, Omum.

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