Mattar Pilau II

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Mattar Pilau

Ingredients :

500 g basmati rice

6 tbsp vegetable oil

2 tsp cumin seed

8 cloves

3 onions , chopped

3 green chillies , split lengthways, but not cut all the way through

3 bay leaves

700 ml vegetable stock

250 g frozen pea

Method :


Wash the rice, then soak in enough cold water to cover for 15 mins. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large pan with a lid, add the cumin seeds and cloves, then fry until fragrant. Stir in the onions, then reduce the heat and cook with the lid on for 10 mins, stirring occasionally or until soft. Add the chillies and bay leaves, then increase the heat and fry until the onions are golden.


Drain the rice, then add it to the onions and spices, stirring to coat the grains with oil. Cover the rice with stock and bring to a simmer. Scatter the frozen peas on top, put the lid on, then cook on a very low heat for 12-15 mins – don’t be tempted to remove the lid.


Turn the heat off and leave, with the lid on, for another 5 mins. Lightly fluff up the rice with a fork before serving.



Serves : 8

Time :

Swadisth Bhojan – smakelijk eten – Bon appétit – Enjoy your meal

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